Essential Amino acid benefits for pregnant women

Essential Amino acid benefits for pregnant women
the body requires the intake of amino acids to help the sustainability of organ and system functions in it. Not infrequently, one consumes an amino acid supplement to meet the recommended daily needs. Amino acids are organic compounds that combine and become proteins. So, the proteins that enter your body will undergo a decomposition process, one of which produces amino acids. 

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Well, a widely known amino acid is an essential amino acid and a non-essential amino acid. In fact, there is still one more type of amino acids, namely the conditional amino acids. An essential amino acid is a type that cannot be made alone by the body, so the Asupannya can be fulfilled from the food consumed. While non-essential amino acids can be self-produced by the body, and conditional amino acids are only required under certain conditions. 

Are there any essential Amino acid benefits for pregnant women?

For pregnant mothers, there are certainly rules for not consuming food, beverages, and even certain supplements. The reason is, there are always risks that accompany pregnant mothers who consume certain foods or drinks. Both single-and combination-shaped amino acid supplements have an impact on mood, endurance, depression, and many other health conditions. 

Unfortunately, not all amino acid supplements are safe for pregnant mothers to consume, in the same type of tyrosine, phenylalanine and tryptophan. Therefore, pregnant women may be advised not to consume an amino acid supplement, as well as for nursing mothers. Alternatively, the mother can ask the obstetrician for more complete and accurate information. 

So, to meet the essential amino acid intake in the body during pregnancy, it is recommended that mothers get it naturally from animal and vegetable sources, including tofu, tempeh, oncom, and nuts, chicken, beef, goat, egg, fish, shrimp, squid, Shellfish, and various other seafood. However, avoid if mothers have allergies to any of these kinds of food sources of protein, yes!

If obtained naturally, essential amino acids can bring benefits to pregnant women, such as:
  • Helps repair body tissues;
  • Maintain balance of body fluids;
  • Forming hormones, including insulin and thyroid;
  • Helps to improve the process of growth in the body;
  • Helps maintain the condition of alkaline body;
  • Forming enzymes, neurotransmitters, and immune systems. 
  • Safety of Amino acid supplements during pregnancy
The need for protein will be increased during pregnancy, but this need should be fulfilled if the mother is doing a healthy diet based on doctor's advice. So, mothers do not need an amino acid supplement to meet the intake for oneself and the fruit of the liver.

Although the amino acids exist in foods containing proteins, the amounts found in the supplement are much larger than those present in food sources of natural protein. Well, consuming a number of excessive substances has a possible effect on the body, whether intentional or not. Mothers need to keep in mind that the supplement has not tested its safety against pregnant women, if it is found the excess need for daily needs. 

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