Can babies in content already cry?

Can babies in content already cry?
In the womb, babies are not only able to hear and respond to sound, but are also believed to be crying. Really so? Check out the answer here, let!

Image Can babies in content already cry?

Info on the baby can be cried since the content is not only a thumb, Bun. There are some studies that have already shown this. Through ULTRASOUND examination in the study, the fetus is seen to cry.

The facts behind baby crying while in the womb

According to research, babies can already cry as the age of content stepped 28 weeks. However, it does not mean the cry can be heard yes, Bun. Fetal cry is only visible from gestures and facial expressions.

The movements recorded by ULTRASOUND and being a sign of a crying baby are his mouth open, his tongue is down, his chin vibrating, and his breath becomes irregular.

Various expressions of the child's face, including crying, can indeed be seen when Bunda performs a pregnancy ULTRASOUND examination. This facial expression will be more varied as the age of Mother's content is getting bigger.

Why babies cry while in the womb

Well, my mother is curious, what makes the fetus cry in the womb? Researchers believe that the fetus is crying not because it is in pain, but as a response when shocked against sudden changes, such as loud noises.

Moreover, another unique fact that the mother needs to know is crying baby while in the womb can be a sign that she grows healthy. The more facial expressions are displayed in the womb, including crying, meaning the baby is growing and ready to live out of the womb.

So, mother does not have to worry when looking at the little facial expressions like crying during USG examination. It is normal Kok, Bun. As long as our mothers routinely have the content checked in to the doctor, the health of the little ones in the womb can be well monitored.

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