Can coffee be drunk by infants and children? This is the fact

Can coffee be drunk by infants and children? This is the fact
If the old man said, babies who often have fever and seizures should be given coffee. However, can infants and children drink coffee? Before the origin of giving coffee to the child without any idea of the fact, mother needs to first listen to the explanation below.

Image Can coffee be drunk by infants and children? This is the fact

Coffee is known as a drink that can eliminate and relieve drowsiness. In addition, the majority of people state that they feel more energized and more focused after drinking coffee.

The danger of coffee in infants and children

Coffee drinks, especially those that do not contain sugar, milk, or other additives, can indeed provide health benefits. However, it only applies to adults, not for infants and children.

The work of babies and children are not the same as adults. Their bodies take longer to absorb caffeine. In adults, caffeine is absorbed within 3-7 hours. But in infants, it takes about 65-130 hours to process caffeine. This is due to the liver organs and kidney has not worked perfectly.

In addition, coffee is not a recommended beverage option for children, of infants under 6 months old. Because at this age, the only intake that can be given is breast milk. Giving coffee and caffeinated drinks, in addition to not useful, can actually discuss it.

Here are some of the effects of coffee and caffeinated drinks in infants and children:

1. Insomnia

Caffeine contained in coffee can make the child awake and more difficult to sleep, as caffeine is able to inhibit the performance of chemicals in the brain that are responsible for sleep. In addition, caffeine will also increase the production of adrenaline hormones that can cause the little one to be more restless and fussy.

2. Increased heart rate

Coffee can indeed make people drink more "literate" and energetic. However when children and babies are given coffee, caffeine can cause them to experience increased heart rate frequencies, even impaired heart rhythm.

3. Impaired calcium absorption

Infants and children need healthy food with balanced nutritional content, because they are experiencing rapid growth and development.

One of the nutrients that the child needs to grow optimally is calcium. Consuming coffee and caffeinated beverages is not only minimal nutrients for children, but also can inhibit the absorption of calcium on the body.

4. Worsening mood

Consuming caffeinated drinks, including coffee, is also often associated with a worsening of mood and increased anxiety. If given to children or infants, coffee can make them cranky and restless.

So, do not carelessly give coffee to babies and children Yes, Bun. If the child is often a fever or convulsions, we recommend that you consult a doctor so that it can be given a safe treatment and is appropriate to the condition.

And be careful, caffeine is not only available in coffee, you know. It can also be found in sparkling beverages, teas, chocolates, and ice creams. Therefore, mother needs to be more observant in choosing the food and drink consumed by the little one, yes.

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