Lack of sleep after childbirth? This impact you can experience

Lack of sleep after childbirth? This impact you can experience
After childbirth, having a mother's role is not an easy thing. Mothers are required to always be able to be ready, whenever the little one needs, and not infrequently this makes mother become less sleep.

Image Lack of sleep after childbirth? This impact you can experience

As a new childbirth, it is only natural that our mothers feel stressed, depressed, and exhausted by this new routine. How not? Now all the activities that our mothers do so are limited because they have to take care of the fruit.

What are the effects of lack of sleep after childbirth?

While in the womb, the little ones may only be able to kick in when they're uncomfortable or just changing positions. Another case after birth, he could have been fussy and crying fast, when mother Middle Sleepy was amazing. As a result of Mother's sleep, it could interfere with mother's days.

Lack of sleep is not a trivial thing. Some negative impacts that mothers can feel due to lack of sleep after childbirth are:

1. Less focus

Lack of sleep can cause mother to be less focused and difficult to concentrate in doing various activities. For example, when bathing the little one, mother instead of rubbing soap to her body, but instead the shampoo that mother chose.

2. Messy and irritable Mood

Is mother becoming more irritable and offended since childbirth? If so, try to check the mother's bedtime. Lack of sleep can cause the mood to become messy, so that mother becomes irritable and offended.

In fact, prolonged sleep deprivation can make mother depressed or feel anxious constantly.

3. Weak body Endurance

Lack of sleep can also make mother's body become easily sick. A study reveals that sleep deprivation makes one easier to get infected and also has a lower or longer recovery chance than a person who sleeps enough every day.

This is because while sleeping, the body releases cytokine proteins that support sleep to be more restful. But not only that, cytokines also play a role in fighting infections and inflammation. Hence if the mother is asleep, the cytokine production is reduced and more easily sick.

Gak wonder, if the mother again sick, keep the doctor says "take a break, yes!"

4. Passionate sex decline

When the mother is asleep, don't be surprised when the arousal has become decreased. Not only the problem of stamina and sexual arousal, breastfeeding also makes estrogen levels decreased, resulting in the production of natural lubricants in the vagina reduced. As a result, vagina mother becomes drier.

5. Easy to Forget

While sleeping, the body is resting, but not with the brain. This moment is used by the brain to store all the information obtained during the full day, then processed and saved into memory. Well, when the mother is asleep, the brain can experience distractions in this process, making the mother easy to forget.

If mother is feeling asleep, it's good to talk about this to your spouse or family. The goal is so that one of them can help to keep the little ones, and mother can take the time to rest.

If you sleep poorly after giving birth to a bad impact on the lives of our mother, please do not hesitate to consult a doctor to get the proper treatment.

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